Venice’s beautiful architecture, rich culture, and wondrous canals have proven to be the city’s main attractions. Huge numbers of tourists now frequent the city. Also The rise of tourism has also brought with it a demand for tourist oriented shops such as souvenir or high fashion clothes shops. Venice is built on 118 small islands […]


Rome has been one of the world's most visited cities for the past two millennia. In the Roman times, Rome was the centre and the most powerful city of Western Civilization, ruling all the Mediterranean, Northern Africa, England and parts of the Middle East. Rome is the city with the most monuments in the World. […]


Pisa is a little but rich in history city, full of monuments. To visit it, we strongly suggest a tour with an expert guide, who could show you all cultural places, the squares hidden between the buildings, the gardens and parks, and who will let you taste the Tuscan cuisine and wine, during food and […]


Even if you've been to many Italian cities, nothing prepares you for the exuberant, colorful, and sometimes chaotic hubbub of Naples. In the last few years Naples has become one of the favourite destinations for all those Italian and foreign tourists who love spending their holidays in cities of artistic interest. Buildings, churches, streets, ancient […]


Milan is a great city of art, is the hub of Italian culture, music, media and sports. If you are a music lover, you can’t miss La Scala. If you are a sports fan, no other city can probably boast two soccer powerhouses. While Milan (Milano) may not be the first city a tourist thinks […]


Florence is a major historical city in Italy, distinguished as one of the most outstanding economic, cultural, political and artistic centres in the Italian peninsula from the Late Middle Ages to the Renaissance. The historic centre of Florence contains such a wealth of masterpieces that it is difficult to separate the city from its art […]